I am a classically trained GIS Analyst with a deep academic and professional skill-set spanning the GISciences (GIS, Remote Sensing, Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Spatial Modeling, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Informatics), the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics) and the computer sciences (Software Development, System Design, Database Management, Data Structures). My natural curiosity and passion for geospatial data has driven me to plan, design, and implement innovative geospatial solutions using cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies across a diverse set of use-cases.

As a lifelong learner and student of GIScience, I have witnessed first-hand the truly life-transforming power of geospatial applications. As such, I am deeply invested in developing innovative and accessible open source solutions which lowers the barrier to entry by making geospatial data more open, inter-operable, and accessible.